Chelsea’s Fun Night With The Girl

I always heard my mother say,  you are not a lady until you have reached your 21st birthday’’. Well, I always took this with a pinch of salt but having observed Chelsea’s birthday party last weekend, I now believe there is every truth to that saying.

Chelsea and I have been good college buddies and as is the case with all of us, we like to share in the dreams and aspirations of everyone. Some have branded us ’the sisterhood’’, a loose and satirical version of the brotherhood because we care so much for one another that nothing big going down in the life of any of us would escape the attention of the rest of us.

Last week, it happened to be Chelsea’s birthday and as it were, the day had been long time coming. Preparations had been made weeks prior to the birthday and the program was already out. Apparently, the cutting of the cake was to be done at Chelsea’s residence –The Majestic Apartments and then what would follow would be some quality and fun time with the girls.

All went on well at Chelsea’s apartment and her parents were there to witness the whole affair and give their daughter the emotional support she so much needed. However, as soon as it struck 6pm, it was show time and perhaps this was the time we all had been waiting for – a chance to spend a night out with the girls. We all rushed out to the parking lot where 7 black limousines were waiting for us. Of the 7, Chelsea had chosen one that was just a little more fabricated; this would be the one we would ride in as the others only served as escort limos. Chelsea jumped inside and we followed her. Everything appeared to have been customized in her favor as her seat was all fitted with a telephone system, a GPRS system as well as a state of the art camera but who cared who was watching her anyway? It was her big day and all we wanted to do was make her feel like it.

The streets looked gorgeous as we cruised in style, singing songs of good wishes for her. She was totally immersed in the moment that at times she wanted to speak some words but they just choked back. The night had already begun for her in a positive note even though our actual destination was still a few miles ahead. After cruising for about half an hour, we finally arrived at the Wild Watersplash Resort’. This was the venue Chelsea had chosen to dance the night away and as soon as we stepped out of the car, she was ushered into the gates by a bevy of cameramen as well as a few security guards manning the resort.

She had a quick, light meal before the party began. The deejays in attendance did not disappoint. They churned out the latest pop music and as soon as the girls took to the floor, all care was thrown out of the window. Chelsea danced her feet out and so did the girls. The music kept oscillating though, perhaps trying to mimic the different situations she had gone through in her life. There were moments of jazz, a little bit of funk but it is the pop music that had the better part of the night.

The party went on up to 2am and there were interruptions in between for some little shows and popping of Champagne. To wrap it up, plenty of birthday presents were delivered to her including wishes from some of the girls who could not make it to the party. A surprise present was given to her from Lucia, her cousin from Australia who coincidentally was also having her birthday on the same day. The party closed on an even more electric note, as her favorite song –Beautiful People by Chris Brown- was played, one to which she almost danced her feet off. Soon the night was over and the Chelsea was happy at the day that was, as was her girlfriends.



I likewise regularly look in big name magazines to see what the stars are up to and to scope out the “hot” new patterns. In any case, this has conveyed me to the acknowledgment that the entertainment business is always showing signs of changing our impression of who we are and is very in charge of our changing social patterns. Individuals take a gander at famous people and totally change their own perspectives and goals keeping in mind the end goal to match what they see as flawlessness. Can any anyone explain why numerous individuals can’t see a normal working class family as perfect? Individuals need more cash, the perfect vocation, and a Range Rover. The basic things are turning out to be less and less refreshing as individuals look to those individuals with more riches to perceive how they are living in contrast with their own lives. Individuals need something all the more, something greater. The media and the entertainment business are always in perspective and hugely affect our societal patterns. These parts of the entertainment business in our general public help us to remember how the rich and the popular live. We can’t get away from the magazine covers, steady notices, or the whole entertainment industry by and large. All parts of the entertainment business overpower our general public and are very in charge of our changing observations and patterns.

For instance, there are various network shows which make numerous looks in their own particular lives, making them all of a sudden need something else. This show makes families and individuals of lower monetary status feel as though their lives and the things that they accomplish for the sake of entertainment or for delight all of a sudden aren’t tantamount to the numerous big names who can stand to do whatever they want.

Separation is additionally significantly more basic in our general public, and it is nothing unexpected that this pattern is seen with VIP couples. Big names are getting divorces verging on regular. It now appears that separation is normal with those couples who are in the media. Since these separations are plugged as should be expected, and even once in a while as something worth being thankful for, this has permitted our general public to take a gander at separation and perspective it with less and less importance. There is not really any antagonism conveyed alongside separation any longer. Marriage appears to have turned into the trial keep running rather than dating.Divorce is currently looked to as amazingly normal, which is another case of how famous people and the business are changing our own observation.
Plastic surgery appears to be practically as in the event that it seems to be “the thing to do.” This conveys a message that a man’s own personality is sufficiently bad. Things appear as though there is no reason not to have the ideal look, This pattern makes it much harder to our general public, making it appear as though a man must be impeccable to be effective around here. This has changed numerous individuals into continually believing that they are sufficiently bad or sufficiently gorgeous, which then causes absence of self-satisfaction.

Yes, it regards need increasingly and takes a stab at higher objectives; in any case, until a man achieves that state, it is critical for them to be content with where they are, regardless of the way they look, or the measure of cash they make. I need our general public to quit looking to TV programs, motion pictures, and famous people for what the “ideal” or “perfect” life is.

Looking to the entertainment business for simply that, entertainment, and not as the manual for a flawless life, will help numerous to be more fulfilled and more content with who they are. The entertainment business will dependably affect societal patterns; be that as it may, we have to work towards the possibility of these impacts being certain of society. Changing models and performers into more normal looking individuals would be a colossal begin; despite the fact that, it will take a gigantic measure of societal change, and in addition a change from immense companies, which is not a simple assignment. With more individuals communicating worry over the negative pictures that the entertainment business is making, there may be an expanded chance that things may improve.

What individuals view on TV, on motion pictures, on reality appears, in magazines, and on the net is exclusively for entertainment purposes and ought not to be considered excessively important by their purchasers. In any case, when a man sees their most loved vocalists, artists, baseball players or soccer players performing, he/she will regularly get to be awed by that individual and attempt to emulate them by adjusting their walk, their catch, their voice, or attempt to accomplish the cash the stars have. Be that as it may, when a few people can’t experience the standard they find in the media, they are left baffled in themselves which causes them to have low self-regard and they have a tendency to be less social with their peers.


Hello, my name is Chelsea. Last year I had fun yeah you read it right fun. After planning for weeks to move around different parts of Shreveport in Limo, finally the day came. There is nothing exciting like taking a ride in a classy limo. It is more fun when accompanied by true friend- someone who can stand with you all times. I booked a limo service with my course mate and friend at College Lenah.

We waited for that day like Christians waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ. When that day came, the limo arrived at my doorstep. Children from the neighborhood stood in their house balconies to see the luxurious limo. I had never travelled in a limo before and I knew today was like spending a day in one of the corners of paradise. Who would love to spend time in paradise? Well, that is a story for another day.

The first thing that impressed me was the driver. He was not only smart but also friendly. I kept asking him different questions and he answered with losing his cool. I hope all drivers are like him. Taking a ride around the city was fun with him on the wheels. He drove cautiously like he was carrying the president. As we transverse the lovely city, we had a glass of champagne next to us. We talked and made fun of each other with Lenah while sipping our champagne slowly. I really miss champagne. In fact, I would head to the local supermarket to purchase a bottle this evening. The leather seats were comfortable. I remember Lenah telling me that she dreams of owning a limo and make it her bedroom because of the beautiful seats. Before I forget, the music was cool. I just loved the fact that the driver agreed to play me some of my favorite songs from the likes of Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. The music was so entertaining that I kept dancing on my seat like never before.

It was fun when the driver took us to the museum. Although we were there for a few minutes, I still recall the day like it was yesterday. Today I was looking through some of the photos we took at the city and smiled to myself. After long hours of travelling across the city, our driver dropped us at a hotel where we were to spend the night. The hotel was simply the best. The food, chefs and swimming pool made me wish to stay there for the rest of my life. Late in the night, we were shown the rooms where we were going to rest until the following day before he comes to pick us. The beds were so beautiful and well spread. It took me ten minutes and I was dead asleep. The next morning, the driver arrived in time as we had planned with him. He dressed in black suit with his keys as usual. Indeed, travelling in a limo was the best time of my life.