Chelsea’s Fun Night With The Girl

I always heard my mother say,  you are not a lady until you have reached your 21st birthday’’. Well, I always took this with a pinch of salt but having observed Chelsea’s birthday party last weekend, I now believe there is every truth to that saying.

Chelsea and I have been good college buddies and as is the case with all of us, we like to share in the dreams and aspirations of everyone. Some have branded us ’the sisterhood’’, a loose and satirical version of the brotherhood because we care so much for one another that nothing big going down in the life of any of us would escape the attention of the rest of us.

Last week, it happened to be Chelsea’s birthday and as it were, the day had been long time coming. Preparations had been made weeks prior to the birthday and the program was already out. Apparently, the cutting of the cake was to be done at Chelsea’s residence –The Majestic Apartments and then what would follow would be some quality and fun time with the girls.

All went on well at Chelsea’s apartment and her parents were there to witness the whole affair and give their daughter the emotional support she so much needed. However, as soon as it struck 6pm, it was show time and perhaps this was the time we all had been waiting for – a chance to spend a night out with the girls. We all rushed out to the parking lot where 7 black limousines were waiting for us. Of the 7, Chelsea had chosen one that was just a little more fabricated; this would be the one we would ride in as the others only served as escort limos. Chelsea jumped inside and we followed her. Everything appeared to have been customized in her favor as her seat was all fitted with a telephone system, a GPRS system as well as a state of the art camera but who cared who was watching her anyway? It was her big day and all we wanted to do was make her feel like it.

The streets looked gorgeous as we cruised in style, singing songs of good wishes for her. She was totally immersed in the moment that at times she wanted to speak some words but they just choked back. The night had already begun for her in a positive note even though our actual destination was still a few miles ahead. After cruising for about half an hour, we finally arrived at the Wild Watersplash Resort’. This was the venue Chelsea had chosen to dance the night away and as soon as we stepped out of the car, she was ushered into the gates by a bevy of cameramen as well as a few security guards manning the resort.

She had a quick, light meal before the party began. The deejays in attendance did not disappoint. They churned out the latest pop music and as soon as the girls took to the floor, all care was thrown out of the window. Chelsea danced her feet out and so did the girls. The music kept oscillating though, perhaps trying to mimic the different situations she had gone through in her life. There were moments of jazz, a little bit of funk but it is the pop music that had the better part of the night.

The party went on up to 2am and there were interruptions in between for some little shows and popping of Champagne. To wrap it up, plenty of birthday presents were delivered to her including wishes from some of the girls who could not make it to the party. A surprise present was given to her from Lucia, her cousin from Australia who coincidentally was also having her birthday on the same day. The party closed on an even more electric note, as her favorite song –Beautiful People by Chris Brown- was played, one to which she almost danced her feet off. Soon the night was over and the Chelsea was happy at the day that was, as was her girlfriends.


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