Hello, my name is Chelsea. Last year I had fun yeah you read it right fun. After planning for weeks to move around different parts of Shreveport in Limo, finally the day came. There is nothing exciting like taking a ride in a classy limo. It is more fun when accompanied by true friend- someone who can stand with you all times. I booked a limo service with my course mate and friend at College Lenah.

We waited for that day like Christians waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ. When that day came, the limo arrived at my doorstep. Children from the neighborhood stood in their house balconies to see the luxurious limo. I had never travelled in a limo before and I knew today was like spending a day in one of the corners of paradise. Who would love to spend time in paradise? Well, that is a story for another day.

The first thing that impressed me was the driver. He was not only smart but also friendly. I kept asking him different questions and he answered with losing his cool. I hope all drivers are like him. Taking a ride around the city was fun with him on the wheels. He drove cautiously like he was carrying the president. As we transverse the lovely city, we had a glass of champagne next to us. We talked and made fun of each other with Lenah while sipping our champagne slowly. I really miss champagne. In fact, I would head to the local supermarket to purchase a bottle this evening. The leather seats were comfortable. I remember Lenah telling me that she dreams of owning a limo and make it her bedroom because of the beautiful seats. Before I forget, the music was cool. I just loved the fact that the driver agreed to play me some of my favorite songs from the likes of Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. The music was so entertaining that I kept dancing on my seat like never before.

It was fun when the driver took us to the museum. Although we were there for a few minutes, I still recall the day like it was yesterday. Today I was looking through some of the photos we took at the city and smiled to myself. After long hours of travelling across the city, our driver dropped us at a hotel where we were to spend the night. The hotel was simply the best. The food, chefs and swimming pool made me wish to stay there for the rest of my life. Late in the night, we were shown the rooms where we were going to rest until the following day before he comes to pick us. The beds were so beautiful and well spread. It took me ten minutes and I was dead asleep. The next morning, the driver arrived in time as we had planned with him. He dressed in black suit with his keys as usual. Indeed, travelling in a limo was the best time of my life.


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